... water will gush forth in the desert and streams in the wilderness

Isaiah 35:6

Church of the Nazarene

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  • A FISH OUT OF WATER 2 Corinthians 6: 14-18 December 3, 2022
    I read about a Chinese student who enrolled decades ago at New York City’s Union Theological Seminary.  This poor fellow gets expelled after having a conversion experience with Jesus while enrolled as a seminary student.  Out he goes along with having him committed to an asylum as a madman!  At least that’s what the article […]
  • FREE FOOD AND DRINK! Isaiah 55 November 26, 2022
    Why does free food taste so good?  Scarfing down those yummy tidbit samples roaming the aisles of Costco.  After a hospital visit, I’m offered complimentary chow for a week by our insurance provider.  Really?  Freebies?  That’s for me!  After patiently (no pun intended) waiting a few days, a big box, filled with pre-packaged frozen meals, […]

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  • Taiwan’s False Hope for Hong Kongers Disillusions Fleeing Christians December 8, 2022
    How a church is enduring uncertainty and disappointment as many struggle to find a home. Since Wong Siu-yung opened a church for Hong Kong Christians in Taiwan last year, it attracted more than three dozen attendees. But in that time the only Cantonese-speaking church on the island has faced significant turnover. A few congregants returned […]
  • Why ‘Persecuted’ Is Not the Best Way to Describe Christians in the Gulf December 7, 2022
    While restrictions on religion remain, most Arab nations pass the tolerance test enough for Christian ministry to continue. In November, officials in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) made a surprise announcement. Discovered among the white-hot sand dunes of Siniyah Island were the ruins of a 1,400-year-old Christian monastery, likely predating the rise of Islam. Historians […]

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