... water will gush forth in the desert and streams in the wilderness

Isaiah 35:6

Church of the Nazarene

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  • GOD’S BEST GIFTS John 3: 16 December 2, 2023
    ‘Tis the season of Christmas gift-giving.  So we ask ourselves–what do our grandchildren need and want?  How much should we contribute to various Christian charities?  What should we pack in our shoeboxes for Samaritan Purse’s ‘Operation Christmas Child’?  For all of the above, how much is enough already?  Or too much?  Or just being an […]
  • SEEKING GOD Amos 5 November 25, 2023
    A church where we’ve enjoyed meaningful worship barely celebrates holidays.  Veteran’s Day receives nary a mention.  Independence Day, Thanksgiving, Easter, and even Christmas are left to individuals and families to celebrate on their own, I guess.  What gives? When it comes to Christmas, you know the tensions we believers feel about the commercialism and greediness […]

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  • Advent for Grieving Hearts December 27, 2023
    The hope of union that helps us persevere today The Christmas season isn’t always jolly and merry. In fact, it can be filled with heartache, sorrow, tears, and pain. I understand this intimately. Ever since June 30, 2021, my family’s holidays have been marked by tears and sadness. On that day, our 20-year-old daughter died […]
  • What Made This ‘Epiphany’ Stand Out? December 26, 2023
    The unique revelation of Advent for all people The story of the wise men, or “Magi” as Matthew calls them, has a special sense of mystery and joy to it and has long been celebrated by Christians on a special feast day called Epiphany. The Greek word epipháneia means “shining out” or “revealing.” Of course, […]

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