... water will gush forth in the desert and streams in the wilderness

Isaiah 35:6

Church of the Nazarene

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  • HE KNOWS Exodus 13: 17-22 March 25, 2023
    A few years back my left foot aches with shooting pain.  Can barely walk on it.  Have no idea what I’ve done, if anything.  Now what?  Worse-case scenarios flood my pea brain.  Diabetes beginning?   Probably leading to amputation of this nasty appendage?  Buying a crutch or a wooden leg?  Wheelchair-bound?  See what I mean? Thankfully, […]
  • BETTER THAN GOOGLE MAPS! Proverbs 2 March 18, 2023
    Come on now, read at least the first seven verses of Proverbs 2.  You can do this without missing too much precious time on your smartphone, right?  All of Proverbs is like a spiritual Google roadmap.  Maybe better?  Must you ask?  After all, sometimes the internet is out-of-date.  I remember driving across country, somewhere in […]

RSS Christianity Today

  • After Nashville, Moral Numbness Is Our Enemy March 29, 2023
    Shootings have become normal to the American public. But as Christians, we know better. Over the past few days, my city, Nashville, has been grieving and suffering after a terroristic murderer attacked a Christian school and slaughtered six people—including three children. Whenever a school shooting happens in America, our country is shocked and pays attention […]
  • Saudi Arabia Embraced Coptic Christmas. Could Its First Church Be Next? March 29, 2023
    Bishop tells the story of decade-long development of pastoral visits to Egyptian Christians, amid speculation of the kingdom’s steps toward religious freedom. Saudi Arabia stunned foreign policy observers this month by publicly agreeing to normalize relations with Iran, under Chinese sponsorship. The deal between the neighboring Sunni and Shia arch rivals, known for sectarian proxy […]

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