... water will gush forth in the desert and streams in the wilderness

Isaiah 35:6

Church of the Nazarene

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  • AN OLD SAP! Psalm 92 August 13, 2022
    I’ve been called worse.  Much worse.  One unrepentant church attender labels me the anti-christ in a letter to the elders, who wisely usher him out the back door, so to speak.  In another church, someone compares me to President Richard Nixon who resigns after threats of impeachment, suggesting that I do much the same.  Resign, […]
  • WHAT SAW ME THROUGH Psalm 89 August 6, 2022
    Going from the Moody Bible Institute to Princeton Theological Seminary seems like crossing a wide, deep, and turbulent river without knowing how to swim.  Why was this my educational path?  Why not attend an solidly evangelical seminary which Princeton used to be but sadly is no longer?  What gives? Frankly, I need some theological breathing […]

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  • Indian National Day of Prayer Raises Tricolor and Red Flags August 16, 2022
    Hundreds of churches bless the world’s largest democracy as India celebrates 75 years of independence amid its many growing pains. After 75 years of independence, Christians in India are proud to be part of the world’s largest democracy. But they also know it could use lots of prayer. So on Sunday, hundreds of Protestant and […]
  • Mission Schools Sexual Abuse Suit Dismissed on Technicality August 16, 2022
    A North Carolina judge says the Nigerian statute of limitations prevents the case from going forward. A North Carolina judge has dismissed a lawsuit alleging a missionary agency was responsible for abuse at a boarding school in Nigeria, ruling the statute of limitations in Nigeria prevents him from hearing the case. “It was a gut […]

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