My recent back surgery and recovery have given me lots of opportunity to reflect and learn some lessons, or perhaps relearn some lessons.  Some lessons shouldn’t be repeated in public but needed to be learned nonetheless.  Here are some other thoughts.

  1. There are a LOT of good and loving people who step forward when help is needed.  They accept whatever task is before them, no matter how unpleasant, and get things done.  Oh how I appreciate those good people.
  2. Those times of being out of control (i.e. incapacitated, unavailable to contribute, or just unneeded) can be far more difficult on an emotional level than the physical discomfort being experienced.  Makes a person take inventory again regarding heart issues such as full surrender of control.
  3. God is at work even when I can’t see it.  I think about all those hours when medication sedated me to the point of being pretty much “out of it.”  And yet later I hear of answers to prayer, movement of the Spirit, and God’s Kingdom making advances.  I’m still blessed and encouraged by the message Paul Brodeur gave us on the work of the Gideons International.  Pretty amazing!
  4. Words cannot express my gratitude for the miracle of modern medicine and the enormous privilege of living in a prosperous country.  My sufferings are nothing compared to those who endured the earthquake in Napal, or the pain in other war-stricken regions of the world.  Makes me want to refocus my life on doing things that will actually help people find salvation in Jesus so that they are equipped with the hope of eternal life when tragedy strikes.

Those are just a few random thoughts.  Perhaps you could add your own lessons learned while the pastor is temporarily sidelined for one reason or another.  I hope we’re all learning the things God wants us to learn in these times.

Blessings to all who have supported me throughout this time of surgery and recovery.  I appreciate your kindness and compassion to me.  Thank you.

In Recovery…

Pastor Carlton Harvey